Get computer training from NIIT

Having computer knowledge today is not just for the prospect of high salaried jobs, but it has become a day-to-day necessity. From searching basic household needs, shopping to learning et al also getting your work done allness by situated at home is what a boon from science!

In today’s cutting-edge sublunary surviving without a basic machine knowledge is like a blind man left nowhere in the mid of the crowd. Computer training still rules the roost in Indian education scenario. It was different scape some decades ago, when single had to wane all the way to computer center spend Rs.10 per hour to chat with friends or colleague or to collect important documents, take print outs, etc., etc.
Today computer knowledge is the core meat; computer et cetera internet are close sisters. With fast growing technology these two sisters help a lot-may it be business, education or entertainment.

To survive in this crazily driven competitive world it is compulsory that everybody should have some level of know-how in individual computing skills to excel in their current employment or position and can maintain competitiveness in occupation improvement.

Who doesn’t know about NIIT institute. NIIT is a fertilized crop field which nurtures and develops sensitive saplings so that these saplings could grow and face the tough world. NIIT’s voyage to victory started alongside a dream, a dream to unite workstations and persons in a manner that might permit the world to fall the profits of IT training. NIIT’s profession program GNIIT empowers over many learners to turn into the “topnotch choice of recruiters” in the IT and non-IT spaces, consistently. Its special, 12-month Professional Practice empowers understudies to encounter a live the earth. NIIT institute has made IT cognizance projects to provide substantial number of individuals with essential IT aptitudes subsequently spanning the advanced partition. Taking in workstations here is so natural; you will turn into a master without a moment’s hesitation. The SWIFT projects are intended for scholars, working experts, executives, school kids, folks and dean citizens; in short, it is implied for simply anybody intrigued toward taking in workstations. Empowering individuals to end up innovation cognizant, the Telegraphic systems help learners use engineering successfully in their day handy day exists hence uniting people and computers effectively.


NIIT Technologies recognizes that individuals are its vital asset. The organization in this way continually attempts to furnish an environment where workers might be innovative, particularly regarding the source of conveying worth to clients. We have likewise cultivated an execution driven society, with a decently characterized recompenses program, because the achievers and accomplishments could be always spotlighted, accordingly setting new benchmarks for the organization. At NIIT Technologies you will have the opportunity to work with thought guides, who guide you through your vocation venture. You choice moreover collaborate with senior administrators of a slice of the biggest and most rumored organizations on the planet, that are our clients. Finished this introduction, you can enhance your realm learning, also alternative hard and delicate aptitudes and manufacture bout in new advances and stages et cetera rising spaces. NIIT Technologies’ unlimited worldwide dissemination desire likewise open you to work situations in discriminating topographies, around diverse individuals and innards diverse social milieus.

Course fee

There are NIIT training centers all over India. To check pathway details lock the below diagram:

Course Duration Course Duration Course Fee
Swift Advanced Excel 24 HOUR 3000.00
Accounting with Tally.ERP.9 36 HOUR 2499.00
Working with Tally.ERP 9 – Level 1 108 HOUR 9999.00
Working with Tally.ERP 9 – Level 2 66 HOUR 4999.00
Swift-Building Companionable Media Skills 8 HOUR 500.00
Data Structure besides Algorithms 30 HOUR 2722.00
Know Your PC 6 HOUR 575.00
Programming in “C” 36 HOUR 3500.00
Object Oriented Programming Using C++ 48 HOUR 3500.00
Swift C++ Programming und so weiter Computer Science Fundamentals 60 HOUR 4999.00
Certificate Program In Swift for Professionals using Microsoft Word, Excel, Status Point and Outlook 36 HOUR 2500.00
Swift Smart Project using C++ 60 HOUR 6500.00
Certificate Of Proficiency In IT Fundamentals & Microsoft Ex Officio 2007 60 HOUR 5300.00
Certificate Of Consummate In Microsoft Office 2007 WOW+ 48 HOUR 4300.00

So guys, you got an idea from the diagram about computer proceeding duration and fees. Pune has got benevolence number of NIIT institutes in its annex. However people don’t want to make a career in IT today, varied consider it remarkably important to have knowledge of computers and significance of gaining career inspiring IT skills. So what are you waiting for? Opt for the best suited brain manner for yourself and be an NIIT certified!