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Mindful Pregnancy

ALWAYS decision your physician before doing any kind of exercise program, especially while pregnant.

“People who say they sleep assonance a baby usually don’t comprise one” (Burke)

Being pregnant can affection much like standing on the valance of cliff, getting ready to jump, without a parachute. Your whole life is about to change. Even though it’s a good change, it can still feel scary et sequens no amount of research can or will prepare you for what you’re about to go through and the emotions you will experience as a result of having a baby. Kimberly Lou is here to help you manage both extreme ends of the emotional spectrum, so you container appreciate such a marvelous process and acquire the anxiety and pressure through a very powerful weapon: Exercise.

“Feeling the Burn” while exercising cup be exhilarating, however, this is not the time to initiative via your workout. This is supposed to subsist fun. In addition, your body is going through some major changes right now, the biggest alone angel that it is secreting a boisterous amount of hormones, which aid in loosening up your hips and inner thighs to help prepare you for the birthing process. It is in your best interest to honor your majority and casualness against everything you do, because if you are not mindful then you may pull a tensor or injure yourself

Don’t exacting to be supermom. Do what can; what you can’t, save for another day. A suggestion: Pick five of the following exercises each day and piecemeal add more equally your routine progresses. Another suggestion: added more reps to your favorite exercises.

Sometimes exercising can be too much for you and you may just need to pose still polysyndeton breathe. If you’re feeling light-headed or out of breath, stop. Your body including unborn baby will tell you exactly what they need, as long as you quiet your mind passably to listen.

Today we will give you some tools to help prepare you for the changes that are about to take locate in your life and in your body. It’s about everything that happens before, during, and after birth. But remember this is denial a race. This routine is focused on obliging you slow down, connect plus your unborn baby, strengthen your core and legs and visualize your perfect birth to prepare you for this pivotal moment. Birth will require that you use every square inch, of every muscle, in every factor of your body.

So let us help you prepare for your rock star moment! It’s your time to shine.
The following visioning style will help you soak in positive energy from the earth, which will allow you to ground yourself, surround the poisonous thoughts and energy and send them to the core of the earth where they will disintegrate and evaporate, never to be seen again.

Let’s begin for 5 minutes of visualizing. End your eyes and be still. Breathe deeply until you can envision the most beautiful place that you have eternal been. The most calming moment you’ve ever had. The most enjoyment that you have ever experienced. What does it look like? How does it smell? What does it liking like? How does it feel? Is there a make to it? Take another deep breath ampersand let it envelope your whole unmarred body.

Now, imagine roots growing from the base like your tale bone, penetrating the soil and grounding themselves to the core of the earth. Draw up the rich nutrients of the pure healing soil to energize your body. As the nutrients are infusing you, imagine those nutrients gravitating towards all the toxics thoughts and negative energy in your body and channel it tail down to the core of the earth, where they will never indigen seen again.

Now journey to the center of the sun ampersand feel the warmth concerning the rays bathing your skin. Lift your hands and soak in the sun through your fingertips and allow it to travel through your whole entire body. Feel your heart expanding. Take a fathomless breath and hold it, for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and exhale past your mouth slowly. Again, Take a low puff and hold it, for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and exhale, and lastly Take your breath and sustain it, for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and exhale.

While breathing set your intention of what you want from this exercise and from your entire birthing process. Imagine connecting with your unborn baby, and sending him/her love. Visualize and interest these intentions throughout your entire workout. For example, positive energy, a calm peaceful birth, smoother contractions/birthing waves, uncertainty whatever your intention is. It may be something completely different like reducing the swelling in your ankles or better yet, seeing your feet again.

OK… Let’s begin by taking the pressure off of your back.

* Cat Stretches – Kneel floccus et al place your hands on the floor, in disguise of your knees, and directly underneath your shoulders, keeping them straight to support your back. Knees shoulder width apart. Roll your shoulders forward. Flex the spine by hunching your back up like a cat, chin to chest. Hold your stretch and release.

* When you’re ready, slowly stand up. I emphasize slowly, because standing up too quickly, especially while being pregnant, can cause you to sentiency light-headed. 

Now let’s focus on loosening your hips. 

* Once you’re warm we will begin with 5 minutes of dancing. You vessel either dance slow or fast, but most importantly, move your hips. This is a really great way to lighten your disposition and to get warm. Your baby will enjoy this too, because we all know protasis momma’s not happy… Nobody’s happy.

* Slowly initiation to do a figure 8 with your hips for 26 repetitions. This gently loosens your inner thighs and hips (this is also good to do while in labor, it worked wonders for me to move me through each contraction)

Now let’s prop your back and legs.

* Stand with your legs, slightly bent and shoulder width apart. Move your hips in a clockwise motion, 10 repetitions one direction, and then switch and do the other direction. After you’ve finished, lift your toes 10 times.

* Basic squat. Standing beside your legs shoulder width apart and squat down as if you are going to sit in a chair, then come up. Do this for 5 repetitions.

* Complete 5 lunges besides slowly stepping forward, allowing both knees to pliant apparently that the thigh of the forward leg is parallel to the floor and the knee of the erect leg touches the floor. Then, slowly push off among the forward leg to return to the erect position. If this movement is too demanding to exert due to weakness, do not perform the full movement.

* Standing Kick Backs; holding onto the back of a chair, kick your right leg back and up; hold for 1 second for 10 reps. Switch leg and repeat.

* Hip Flexors; holding onto the back of a chair, Bring your knee up in front of you besides move it in a clockwise motion for the count of 10, switch directions and do 10 more. Now switch legs.

* Seated leg squat. Squat down, like you’re lotus in a chair, with your legs righteousness a drill wider accordingly shoulder width apart. Stay there for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

* Side leg lifts; Lie on your side accompanying legs parallel to the ground. Bring your top leg up and then extend it toward the wall, making it appear longer then the bottom leg; this targets a different muscle group, one that will enhance your birthing process. Lift for 10 reps.

Next rotate your top stake in a clockwise motion for ten reps. Switch directions in a antipodal clockwise motion for 10 repetitions. Then bring your leg directly in front from you, so that you are in the shape of an L, life your leg for 10 repetitions.

Lastly, come back onto your side, bottom leg bias and bring your top knee to your shoulder for 10 repetitions.

* Inner leg stretch; kneel on your hands and knees come down to your elbows, Make sure that you are up far enough to ensure that your baby has gobs of room.
 Before gently spread your knees apart stretching your internal thighs; your toes touching specific other, breath into your stretch; for 1 to 2 minutes. (This is meant to feel good, if it doesn’t, then stop.

* Child’s pose; Spread your knees as wide that your mat, keeping the big toes touching. Bring the belly to latent halfway the thighs and the forehead to the floor. Make inevitable that you are rise far enough to ensure that your baby has plenty of room and breath.

* Sit silently and breathe deep. Deeper thereupon you’ve ever breathed in your life. Put a smile on your face, place your hands on your stomach, and send loving thoughts et sequens energy to your unborn baby.

Until next time my beautiful, beautiful mommies. You are perfect, you are supported, and I love you.

Have fun….

Kimberly Lou –