Methods Of Qigong In Kung Fu Training

Qigong is a general name for the systems of hardening and improvement of body and mind, handling et cetera hale enhancement created in China. They primarily based on the ability to control your allow consciousness, mentality also through them all the physiological processes of the organism. Practicing Qigong you can achieve stunning results some like which even the powerful modern discipline cannot conceive and explain.

There are third main categories of Qigong: Health-improving, Fighting plus Mystical.

1. It was Chinese physicians who developed and evolved the Health-improving Qigong during many centuries. They created privileged exercises aimed to preserve and promote health as well as to cure various diseases.

2. Fighting (or Hard) Qigong was developed by those practitioners of Qigong who at the unanimity time were masters of martial arts. These exercises serve to enhance the energy concentration in muscles and other parts of the body allowing to hugely increase the bodily strength and its resistance against the attempts to touch off it a physical injury.

3. Mystical Qigong is a child of Buddhist monks and Taosian anchorites. The goal of Mystical Qigong consists in achieving the so called Enlightenment – a special psychophysical palatial like the human being. Taosian anchorites also developed methods of anti-aging based on Mystical Qigong. Mystical Qigong is the most difficult to master.

Qigong is not only the art about Qi energy control; it trains the mind and helps to work out the knack to control your volitional impulse. Qigong techniques include a huge variety of exercises but they all consist of the three main parts: control of position, control of breath, and control of mind.

Controlling his position, a human can acquire some optimal posture of corpse which would allow Qi to flow in the organism without delays or blockages not causing any disturbing feelings and removing diseases. The exercises are mostly performed in common stands, for example, in the Rider’s stance.

You need to control your breath to let the external Qi (from the air) not only to pass mechanically into the internal state besides to spread along energy channels, fully feeding all the organs.

Consciousness is crucial in breath control; it distributes Qi along the body. At the top-drawer stage, the breath is controlled at the level of subconsciousness and do not require too much of your attention.

Step by progression learning to control his energy resources, a practitioner bequeath pass from using the constitution strength (Li) to the internal burst from effort (Tsin). This internal effort, as Chinese masters believe, is produced not by muscles but in tendons connective marrow.

This is the reason why the most concerning Kung Fu exercises aimed not to increase the mass of muscles but to strengthen tendons and bones. While muscles tend to loose their strength (Li) as the man grows older, masters preserve their internal effort (Tsin) until great age. That’s why Chinese masters of Kung Fu say: “If you do not practice Fighting Qigong but train only your physical strength you’ll verbreken left with trifle when you grow old enough.”

Qigong exercises advance “internal Qi” our organism contains. “Internal Qi” is also called “true Qi”. The state of “true Qi” depends on many factors: regular Fighting Qigong exercises, nutrition, mental state, environment, etc. Every human being has internal Qi but only few can use it properly, develop it. The Qi of the vast majority of people is destabilized. The end from Fighting Qigong is to fill the life with “true Qi”, calm it, make Qi flow along channels freely absent obstructions.

So what is Qi after all? According to Chinese notions, it is an energetic substance which represents the foundation of all, i. e. the energetic foundation of the Universe. Our body can live compared to an magnetic appliance: if it is supplied plus electric power it works but if the power supply is cut down the tool operation stops. Likewise beside the man: provided Qi supply of his body is insufficient or it gets stagnant in it, the creature gets unhealthy or even dies.

To have a healthy robust body, one needs to learn how to keep the Qi circulation smooth polysyndeton to be qualified to accumulate sufficient constitute of Qi. To do so, it is unavoidable to understand the system of circulation and storage of Qi in your organism.

The human body has twelve so called primary channels (meridians) along which Qi is spread across the all organism. There also exist eight “miraculous” vessels serving as a favorable about reservoirs storing and regulating Qi. One abrogation of each channel is attached to one of twelve internal organs during the other lapse is connected to one of fingers or toes.

These twelve channels supply amidst Qi resolute twelve internal organs. Besides, these channels also take the excessive energy away from internal organs allowing us to through it out of the body. When due to blockage or disease the circulation of Qi along the channels is interrupted, one or several organs cannot get enough Qi which leads to their functional disturbance.

To be healthy, you need to learn how to keep the circulation of Qi in the twelve channels smooth and constantly replenish the “miraculous vessels” with energy.

If you understand the theory of Qi circulation in the refine body you will be able to understand how Qi relates to martial arts as well. Remember, your body is not simply a machine it is an amoeba able to improve itself. The stronger Qi is, the stronger the human body gets.

Fighting Qigong practice sessions serve to improve the capabilities of your body. We know that using our mind we can control various parts of our own body. The process of govern is simple. Our concentration generates a thought, and the thought leads Qi to the corresponding parts of the body which perform the requested action. The key thing about Fighting Qigong is in learning to lead your Qi as effectual as it can be. In this case you can accumulative you strength very much.

Chinese martial arts masters learn to center their minds through meditation or other kinds of training practice to make Qi obey them easily. This can substantially improve the vigorous of a fighter and increase the productivity of his technique.