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Dear Parent,

Coach Daniel here at the Black Diamond Kids Martial Arts Academy, we know that parents are more and more concerned with the real Dangers of BULLYING.

Never Before has Bullying Extended Outside the Schoolyard as it Does Today. From text to Facebook and beyond – verbal and physical violence seems to be on the rise in recent years and a child not prepared to be resilient may suffer a damaged self esteem or worse.

Confidence and Overcoming Bullies doesn’t have to be a game of “Luck”…

With the proper development of a genuine Self Esteem and a real system for diverting, handling, and even defining oneself from bullies, children can be made stronger and more capable for school and life! Gain some of our Best Strategies for your child with the Free “Bully Repellent” DVD we’ve put together for you!


What You’ll Learn in our FREE Kids Self Defense DVD

  • The Proper Stance and Positioning of the Hands and to Defend Yourself
  • How to Subdue an Aggressor without Hurting Them (The Gentle Art of Jiu-Jitsu)
  • Knee Strikes for Self Defense (and Why They are CRITICAL to Know)
  • And Much,Much more….
  • BONUS Extra Video Chapter on Self Defense Techniques (Defending a Bear Hug, a Hair Grab, and more!)


All this an you’ll also get a 30 Day FREE Trial and a FREE Private Lesson here at Black Diamond Kids Martial Arts if you decide you’d like to try us out.

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- Coach Daniel