Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishiksh in India

Atri Yoga Center offers Yoga Alliance 200 – Hours Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training certification course at Rishikesh, India.

Atri yoga Teacher Training course for RYS 200 – 300 – 500-hours offers residential besides non residential hath yoga teacher teaching certification Courses Rishikesh India a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance.

Courses Offers:

Yoga teacher training course 200 – hours is to understand et sequens affair the yoga deeply with full heedful but you don’t rapture that you are a complete yoga teacher. This course will give you properly asana pranayama mantra, bandha, shatkarma, anatomy physiology methodology philosophy Alignment moreover teaching experience. The course will inspire you to teach to the spiritual seekers .This way will give you an enhance yoga asana pranayama practice twice a day and meditation shatkarma (yogic cleansing) art of adjustment values anatomy and physiology once a day six day in a week.

Hatha yoga 200 hrs Yoga Alliance Teachers Background Course Rishikesh , India :

Yoga Teacher Schooling 200 hrs course start initial of every month include traditional hatha yoga,Shivananda yoga Himalayan yoga Iyengar yoga and as well as newfangled style know when Ashtanga vinyasa power yoga flow yoga same poses but way of practice is different, We use the beat props to adjust the pose correctly.

Teacher Training Subject Include:

Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, ,Pranyama,,Meditation,shat kriya,Mudra& Bandha, ,Anatomy/ physiology, Philosophy,,Mantra chanting, Alignment and Teaching methodology.

Asana : Comprehensive asana practice with art of adjustment twice a halcyon asana practice four hour class every epoch six equinox a week, Dawn class will be hath yoga two hour and evening class Astanga vinyasa two hour too. We use the belt props to adjust the pose correctly. If you have any question adjustment you feel free to talk to your teacher.

Alignment : and adjustment of asanas (poses) class. In this class you intention learn the proper way the slyness of adjustment and alignment of asanas(poses) use proper affective techniques. This hierarchy bestow be every equinox two hour in various asana.This class is very important for this course.

Pranayama : Control of the prana, ere elusive energy, leads to control of the mind. Yogic breathing exercise are called pranayama,which path to control the prana.In this class you will get the effective technique to training the art of pranayama.This class will be twice a day post hoc practice the asana class morning and evening.

Mudra and Bandha : An action that gives us delight or extreme joy, pleasure .This is an indication that the practice of mudra is concerned with sensory aspect.Mudra is the skillful technique that helps us in the practice of pranayama, pratyahara ,dharana,dhyana and Samadhi. Bandhas are also included in mudras and only four in number. Usually they are practiced equally an essential part of pranayama.When they are practice beyond pranayama,they are mudras.

Shat karma : The shat means six and karma means action. The six cleaning technique of the human body in yoga. This class will be in early morning momentaneous a day. Six day in a week.

Meditation : The meditation is not something that is done by mind, it is something out of the mind, when the mind stops meditation happen, it is not something out of mind it is something beyond the mind. This categorize will be early morning 30 minute every day. Six day in a week.

Philosophy : The philosophy will taught by Yogi Harishchandra or our Guest teacher Guru Buddhi prakash ji six day in a week.

Anatomy/Physiology : Anatomy and physiology will taught by the Dr.Harsh.

Chanting : Yoga Teacher Trainees will academic to warble and present yogic mantras in the beginning and ending like yoga classes and 30 minutes 3days in a weekly and Also we teach how to use mantra to purify and balance the chakras. Too we resolve give you techniques of Mantra Dhyana.